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Bird Brain and High Sierra Issue

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Bird Brain 7 Compatibility with High Sierra

Bird Brain version 7 will crash when running on Apple's latest operating system, High Sierra.
We recommend that you upgrade to Bird Brain 7.2 before upgrading to High Sierra.

Look out for this trap

If you are using Bird Brain 7 and you update your Mac to High Sierra, Bird Brain 7 will open and run, but if you try to export your data, Bird Brain will crash. Then you would be stuck, because you wouldn't have your Bird Brain 7 data to import into Bird Brain 7.1 or 7.2.

So, if you are running Bird Brain 7, be sure to choose Export All Records Data from Bird Brain's File menu on your Mac before you install High Sierra. This will ensure that you have the exported data files you need.

Even if this happens, all is not lost. You can send us your current Bird Brain Records.USR file, and we can open it, export your data, and send you the exported data so you can import it into Bird Brain 7.1 or Bird Brain 7.2.

Bird Brain 7.1 Compatibility with High Sierra

Bird Brain 7.1 will open and run on High Sierra, but it is not fully certified as compatible by FileMaker, the database Bird Brain is created in. It seems to work OK, but one would be wise to back up often.

Earlier versions of Bird Brain and High Sierra

Bird Brain versions earlier than Bird Brain 7 may also open, but they are not certified to run on High Sierra.

Bird Brain 7.2

Bird Brain 7.2 is fully certified compatible with High Sierra.

Bird Brain 7.2 has the current (2017) bird taxonomy and is compatible with the following Mac operating systems:

  • High Sierra
  • Sierra v10.12
  • El Capitan v10.11
  • Yosemite v10.10

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