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This Morning Outside

by Diane Porter

April 19, 2010
Seen along Ecclesdown Road
Eastern Jamaica

The Jamaican Tody, only three inches long from the top of its head to the end of its tiny tail, is not hard to find if you look in the correct habitat in forested parts of Jamaica. And if you ask me, it's got to be the cutest little bird in the world.

I took this picture at dusk, when it was almost too dark to see any color. But you can still get a sense of how bright are this bird's green and red feathers.

Jamaican Tody
Photos copyright 2010 Michael and Diane Porter

Jamaican Todies seem to be nesting right now, in late April, and I found quite a few todies zipping around at eye level or lower in dense forest. They nest in holes in a vertical bank, and when roads are cut, such a bank is often created. That's probably why the birds are so easy to spot near a road. Several times I found two together. And once you spot a tody, it tends to stay around and give you plenty of time to look at it.

Wayne MurdockWayne Murdock showed me my first Jamaican Tody, along Ecclesdown Road, at the extreme east end of Jamaica. Wayne and his wife, Janet, own Attractions Link Tour Company in Port Antonio. They provide bus or car transportation, as well as arranging tours.

Wayne specializes in nature tours, especially birding. He took me to Ecclesdown Road and helped me spot many of Jamaica's endemic birds.

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