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Welcome to Bird Trips! For a little vicarious birding travel, or to help you plan your next trip, here are some places that I or other contributors have gone birding. We hope you'll find some good ideas for your own birding travel here.

Bird Trips

Steller's JayEl Mison de Maria

Antigua, on the eastern edge of Antigua, in the southern highlands. There's a restaurant which food to live in your dreams for years to come.

But it's the grounds that you'll never forget. As I was getting out of the car I got my first good look at a Rufous-collared Robin. And I was distracted from it by a vociferous pair of Band-backed Wrens.

Two species were not life birds, but they were subspecies different from what I knew. Northern Flickers and Steller's Jay.

White-naped Brush-FinchFinca El Pilar

In a canyon on the east side of Antigua, Guatemala, is Finca El Pilar. It is in a narrow canyon, with a trail that leads upward from the entrance.

A hummingbird station was hosting many species of hummingbirds. Although it was dusk I got a couple of pictures as mementos though not National Geographic material.

Saw a White-naped Brush-Finch

Trail at Rincon SuizoRincón Suizo,

A restaurant and nature trail in the municipality of Tecpán, northeast of Lake Atitlan. The restaurant, looks like a Swiss chalet, tucked into the side of a mountain.

Its glory is the nature preserve out back.  When I visited, the restaurant owner generously allowed us to walk the trail after having a delicious breakfast.

The jewel of this reserve is the Pink-headed Warbler, a highly sought-after bird in Guatemala. We saw lots of them during a two-hour easy walk.

Tropical MockingbirdHotel Jardines del Lago

At Lake Atitlan, in the southern highlands of Guatemala. The hotel grounds go right to the shore of Lake Atitlan, in Panajachel, district of Solola.

I could have been completely happy to spend a whole day birding its gardens. As I found my way to my room, a tropical mockingbird flooded the courtyard with music. My room was clean and pleasant and had a view of the lake. Not that I spent much time inside. Not with all those new and exciting birds to watch!

Atitlan Reserve



Los Tarrales Private Reserve



Mirador Rey Tepepul






Capitan Toruga, Flores, Peten


Cruce Turicentro


El Remate, Santa Elena, Peten


Tikal National Park, Peten






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