Gray Catbird as Friend

Gray Catbird

The Kittycat Bird

Gray Catbird still comes around when I'm outside, even though she's no longer feeding babies.

A number of birds visit me when they have a nestful of gaping mouths to deal with. They like the free food. And the help.

Most of them drop me like a rock when the babies fledge and start finding their own food. It's much easier to find food sufficient for just their own needs, and they don't really need any more help.

This catbird is different. She doesn't take mealworms away anymore. Breeding season is over. But she still comes around.

She meows to get my attention. I look up and toss some live mealworms in her direction. She doesn't startle or fly away. Instead, she and hops closer. I call her Kittycat Bird.

I think we're friends.

Diane Porter, Fairfield, Iowa. August 19, 2022