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2021 - 2022 

Jacob's Ladder

First Jacob's Ladder of Spring

It is this year, probably because of the delayed and cold spring. But at now the Jacob's Ladder is in bloom under the Rebud trees. They also do well on the shady side of the house. They bloom later there, extending their time of bloom.    May 2, 2022

White Trout Lily

First Trout Lily of Spring

White Trout Lily. This flower is fair of face, but to look it in the eye one has to lie down, cheek against the moist ground, close as lovers sharing a pillow. It is a spring ephemeral, blooming before the trees leaf out. April 25, 2022

Virginia Bluebells

First Virginia Bluebells of Spring

First thing the wind did today, it shook the Virginia Bluebells awake. Now they're all smiles. They glance downward like shy young girls who suspect but don't yet fully realize their own beauty. April 22, 2022

Common Blue Violet

First Violet of Spring

It's been a startlingly cold, dark spring. But at last this morning the sun came up and came out. As if in celebration, a few violets in the woods ventured to open a bud or two and turn their faces upward. April 21, 2022

Buttonbush Blossoms


My grandmother used to push closely spaced cloves into an orange and let it dry until it became a fragrant sachet. Buttonbush seeds remind me of those cloves, the way they fit together so neatly that they form a solid sphere. Nov. 10, 2021

Swainson's Thrush

Virginia Creeper Berries

A Swainson's Thrush migrating north to south across North America in fall needs fuel to survive the trip. Fuel like the berries of Virginia Creeper. Some may hate it, but the birds need it. So I love it. Oct. 14, 2021