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Spotting Scopes of Note

Vortex Impact Spotting Scope

Mid-priced Scopes Round-up, 2009

by Michael and Diane Porter

This scope has been discontinued by the manufacturer and is no longer available.


Vortex Impact Scope

The Vortex Impact RA is unique because it focuses its image with a mirror instead of an objective lens. It's a reflector rather than a refractor. This gives it two advantages. It folds the light path so the scope can be shorter than a refracting scope of the same focal length. And it avoids, to a large extent, the problem of chromatic aberration, because the light bounces off the surface of a curved mirror instead of passing through glass.

The built-in zoom's range is 25x-75x, and although the resolution drops off considerably at highest magnifications, it's sharp at 25x. The eye relief is an outstanding 18-15mm throughout its zoom range. It's fog proof and waterproof, and its hand-friendly green armoring attests to its sturdy build quality. The focus knob, on top of the scope, is recessed for protection.

Included with the scope are the 25-75x zoom eyepiece, padded carry case, and tabletop tripod. The Vortex VIP Lifetime Warranty covers accidental damage as well as manufacturer's defects. It's transferable, and there is no time limit.

Copyright 2009 by Michael and Diane Porter.



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