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March 2008

Dear Diane,

Red-winged blackbirds are back, beside Birdwatching Dot Com's pond. Woodcocks sing their nasal peent song at dawn. Soon purple martins will return, and then the hummingbirds!

We feel the urge to spruce up our purple martin housing and replenish our collection of hummingbird feeders.

Here at Birdwatching Dot Com, we have some nice specials to help you get ready for spring birdwatching. See our sales and close-outs.

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  • The first hummingbird
  • Birding with your ears
  • Ask Diane how to get purple martins
  • Getting the whole picture

  • Birding with your ears

    As spring comes on, the world wakes up each morning to the dawn chorus of birdsongs. At this season, you can see more birds with your ears than you can with your eyes.

    You can hear in the dark. And through dense foliage. You can even hear behind yourself and around buildings. Here are tips on recognizing birds just by their songs.

    Ask Diane how to get purple martins

    Dear Diane: I am trying to get purple martins to nest in my purple martin nest box. What's the trick?

    It's simple. Just set up your martin housing exactly the way the purple martins like it. And make it look and sound as if martins are nesting there already. It's not as hard as it sounds...

    Getting the whole picture
    Eye Relief

    If you wear glasses, can you see the whole picture through your binocular? Or is the image constricted?

    If you're missing something, maybe you need new binoculars. Find out how much more you might see with binoculars designed to work with glasses!

    © Michael and Diane Porter, 2007-2008.

    The first hummingbird

    For birdwatchers in the southern states, hummingbirds are already returning. In the west, Anna's hummingbird has been around all winter.

    The rest of us, in the Midwest and Northeast, are still awaiting the first hummingbird of spring. I like to think about where he is now. Because he's on its way.

    Here's a glimpse of what the first ruby-throated hummingbird of spring is doing right now, where he is, how he's sleeping at night lately, and how he will find his way back to your yard, where he found a feeder last year.

    Where is the first spring hummingbird now?
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