Eagle Optics Shrike Binocular Review

The basic birding binocular

Eagle Optics Shrike The Eagle Optics Shrike 8x42 is a good birding binocular, with a bright, clear image. This is the least expensive good binocular you can buy.

We like this binocular so much that we include it in our Basic Birdwatching Starter Kit. (Of course, you can also buy it alone, here.)

I love to hand a one of these Shrikes to someone who shows up at a birding trip carrying crummy binoculars she's had forever. And then she looks through the Shrike, and her face lights up and she goes, "Oh! Now I see it. What a beautiful bird!"

What a difference it makes to have good optics.

Schools use it

Numerous schools and nature centers have ordered class sets of Eagle Optics Shrikes to use in birdwatching programs. One junior high school teacher ordered 20 pairs and then came back after two years and got some more, so that every student could have one on their field trips. She said that all 20 of the original pairs were still in good working order, after heavy use in her classes throughout two school years. 

She also said the kids in the birdwatching class were thrilled to go birdwatching with good, easy-to-use binoculars. And they were getting really serious about watching birds.

Eye relief

Eagle Optics Shrike

Eagle Optics Shrike

The 8x42 Shrike has 17.5 mm of eye relief. This is long eye relief, which allows everyone can see the full field of view, including people who are wearing glasses. This matters a lot to glasses wearers, who need to be able to get the full picture, not just the center of it.

Optical quality

The binocular has fully multi-coated lenses. The image quality is good. In fact, for such an inexpensive binocular, it is amazing.


The Shrike is waterproof and sealed with O-rings to prevent moisture, dust, and debris from getting inside the binocular.


The Shrike comes with the Eagle Optics Platinum Protection unlimited, unconditional lifetime warranty. The Vortex Optics manufacturer stands behind Eagle Optics products, including the Eagle Optics Shrike. This is an unconditional warranty. There is not a better warranty in the business.

Not only is the binocular insured against defects in manufacturing. The warranty also covers accidental damage, even if it is the owner's fault. It's even covered in the event of a fire, so long as a recognizable part of it can be found to send to Vortex. For warranty details, see here.

Where to order

Order the Eagle Optics Shrike here.

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