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Watching Warblers

A DVD for warbler lovers

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Watching Waders DVD

This 60 minute presentation explores the lives of the 39 species of wood warblers that nest in Eastern North America. Gorgeous close-ups and high-quality sound recording! Click on pictures at right to see short previews of some of the warbler species covered in the DVD.

This is the bird film that set a new standard for action bird photography.

You see and hear a singing male of each species of warbler, in its natural surroundings and on its characteristic territory.

DianeDiane's Comment: I could hardly believe my eyes as I watched 60 minutes of spectacular photography of the most beautiful birds in the world. The sound is also superb.

I've been working on learning the warblers' songs for a long time, and hearing the songs while watching the birds close up really helped to impress them on my memory.

The narration gives you an insight into the life pattern of each species. The photographers, Judy Fieth and Michael Male, have pleasant voices to listen to.

And if you want to polish up your familiarity with bird songs, the sound track will help you fix the birds' songs in your mind and associate it with the species.

This DVD guide to warblers is by award-winning flimmakers Michael Male and Judy Fieth. Other videos by the same great filmmakers include Watching Waders and Watching Sparrows.

Click the picture for a larger version of the photo of Male and Fieth.

Michael's and Judy's films documentary films have been televised by National Geographic, HBO, and PBS's NOVA and NATURE.

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