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Who We Are
at Birdwatching Dot Com

We're Michael and Diane Porter. We are crazy about birds and birding. And when we're not watching birds, we like to nudge other people along to start watching birds too. We think it's a good thing. For the people. For the birds. For the planet.

We run the Birdwatching Dot Com web site (where you are now), and we are the webmasters for the site. Here we've posted many of the articles we've written for magazines and newspapers. We've been reporting on birding optics for Bird Watcher's Digest for a dozen years. You'll find our reviews of binoculars and spotting scopes in the Optics section, along with an introductory education in birding optics.

Diane writes a regular column on backyard birding for the Backyard Birds Newsletter. She speaks at birding festivals on how to become the world expert on the birds your own backyard, on the intelligence of birds, and other birding topics.

You may also visit some of Diane's articles on birds and birding. You can get to them from the Bird Stories link on any page. We've taken most of the site's photographs within walking distance of our office.

Our SignWe sell binoculars, scopes, bird books, CDs, DVDs, and videos. And birdbaths, feeders, and birding vests. And lots more.

You can call us. We're happy to talk to you to help you determine which book you should order or what binocular will work for your particular requirements. We have tried out and personally tested nearly every item we sell in the store. We're familiar with these products.

At right is the sign directing vistors to our store.

Birdwatching Dot Com

Our Sign in FebruaryOur office and online birding store live in southeast Iowa, in the small town of Fairfield. The photo at right is the sign on our door after an ice storm in February, 2007. (See how we heat our store.)

Out the windows is a pond where belted kingfishers sometimes visit. Red-winged blackbirds nest in the cattails at water's edge, and swallows make low swoops over the water in the late afternoon.

BobolinkIn a nearby grassy field , we watch nesting meadowlarks, grasshopper sparrows, the inconspicuous Henslow's sparrows, and (Diane's favorite) bobolinks.

Nearby Crowe Creek is a small stream except after a rain, but it never entirely dries up, not even in a droughty summer. Wood ducks nest in the woods along the creek and then bring their young to the pond in late summer.

Our mission

Bald EagleWe love to share in the celebration of birds with all who treasure them. For people who are just waking up to the wonderful world of birding, we'd like to help. The more eyes are open to the beauties of nature, the better the prospects for our civilization.

Indeed, our mission at Birdwatching Dot Com, in everything our business does, is to help human society evolve toward a sustainable relationship with our planet.

How to communicate with us

Our names: Michael and Diane Porter

Address: Birdwatching Dot Com, 2197 236th Blvd., Fairfield IA 52556

Phone: 800-779-7256 or 641-472-7256. FAX 641-469-5065

Email: dporter@lisco.com

Web site: http://www.birdwatching.com

January, 2007, NewsletterWe have a birding newsletter (usually monthly). If you'd like to try it, please subscribe. It's free. You can unsubscribe at any time with a click on a link that is included at the bottom of every issue.

Your privacy

We despise spam as much as you do. We will never, ever, share your email address with anyone else. We've never done that, and we never will. That's a promise.

Some of the items in our store are shipped to you directly from the manufacturers, and and in those cases we must provide the shipper with your name and address in order for them to send your order to you. We require of our shippers that they not sell your name or information or do anything that will get you put on mailing lists. And we're pleased that we have never had a single complaint about that happening.

CardinalWe hope you enjoy visiting Birdwatching Dot Com, and we hope even more that you're enjoying the wild birds. Birding is your lifetime ticket to the theater of nature.

--Michael and Diane Porter

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