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Alpen Rainier
High-end Binocular Round-up, 2008

by Michael and Diane Porter

Alpen Rainier

One of the least expensive models in our survey of top binoculars (High-end Binoculars Round-up, Bird Watcher's Digest, September, 2008), the Alpen Rainier has good optical quality and seems to be sturdily constructed.

The focus knob is wide, but only the center part of it is knurled. It's a little firmer than many focus knobs, but not too hard for most people to turn. The center hinge operates smoothly and feels as if it will hold up.

At 33 ounces, it was one of the heavier binoculars in our survey. It came out near the bottom of our Ratings Chart on overall quality. However, this is a chart of the best binoculars in the world, and considering the Rainier's low cost, it is a good value.

The diopter adjustment mechanism, which is on the right eyepiece, locks and unlocks with a positive snap, is well marked, and has subtle indents that allow you to find your known setting quickly.

The 8x42 model we looked at has good eye relief for a person who wears glasses. The textured body covering is a non-slip surface that is pleasant to the touch.

Alpen's offers a lifetime no-fault warranty.

The Alpen Premier is available in 8x42 and 10x42.

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Bird Watcher's DigestCopyright 2008 by Michael and Diane Porter.

This article appears as part of the High-end Binoculars Round Up in the September, 2008, issue of Bird Watcher's Digest.



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