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Binoculars of Note

Vortex Razor
High-end Binocular Round-up, 2008

by Michael and Diane Porter

Vortex Razor

This product, reviewed below, has been discontinued.
It has been replaced by the improved Vortex Razor HD.

Our survey of top binoculars (High-end Binoculars Round-up, Bird Watcher's Digest, September, 2008) included the Vortex Razor binocular.

Sharp as a razor

Here is a mid-priced binocular holding its own among the costliest binoculars in the market. It did well in our survey,"High-end Binocular Roundup," Bird Watcher's Digest, September, 2008. Considering its moderate price, the Vortex Razor got excellent optical quality scores on our Ratings Chart.

Vortex RazorBesides being optically sharp, it's sharp looking, too. The Razor employs a hollow-bridge design, which makes it easy to hold, even with one hand. Makes a nice, elegant appearance, too. It's one of the characteristics that makes this binocular perform like a top-end binocular, even though it is actually the high end of the moderate price range.

Taking the wide view

Vortex Razor EyecupsThe 8x42 model has one of the widest fields of view we've ever seen (410 feet), and it provides a big, beautiful image. Flared eyecups are available as an option.

The Razor's twist-up eyecups have 17 detents! — more than any other binoculars — and the distances in millimeters are clearly marked. The locking diopter adjustment is on the focus knob, like Zeiss FL and Swarovski EL. It's precise and easy to use. We deem this binocular a bargain.

An exceptional warranty

The Vortex warranty is exceptional. Vortex promises that if the Razor ever suffers accidental damage, even if it is the owner's fault, the manufacturer will repair or replace the binocular at no charge. This warranty is transferable and does not require the owner to send in a registration or warranty card. We have found no other manufacturer who so completely warrants it optics.

It's a good feeling, if you ever need warranty service, to be able to simply send the binocular in for service, with the assurance that you won't be told they don't have a record of your warranty registration. You won't be quizzed about whether maybe it's your fault that something went wrong (you dropped it, left it outside overnight, etc.), or you're not the original owner. With Vortex, it's simple. Binocular needs service? Send it to Vortex. You get it back fixed. No pain, no problem.

Bird Watcher's DigestCopyright 2008 by Michael and Diane Porter.

This article appears as part of the High-end Binoculars Round Up in the September, 2008, issue of Bird Watcher's Digest.

Photo of magazine copyright 2008 Bird Watcher's Digest. Image of Vortex eyecups copyright Michael and Diane Porter 2008.



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